Friday, November 19, 2010

Companies Success and Online Marketing

Online marketing has the most metrics of any marketing medium.  This allows companies to see their success and monitor analytics real time.  Here are the key metrics companies succcess and online marketing.

Website Analytics
Today the best analytics software out there is actually free.  Google analytics has overtaken all of the paid companies as the best analytics program to use for a website.  The key metrics to look for are unique visitors, average page views per visit, and average time on site per visit. 

Social Media Analytics
Although social media analytics are not where they should be, it is still important to track the basics to know where your company stands.  The key metrics to track are Facebook fans, Facebook comments, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections.

Email Analytics
Email probably gives you the most comprehensive analytics of any medium that can be used to stregthen a marketing campaign.  The key metrics to track are open rate, click through rate, and forwards.

Sales Marketing Certification Online

In the highly competitive world of sales marketing, the online certification is becoming another way for consultants to separate themselves from the pack.  The most recognized sales marketing certification online is the Google Adwords certification.  This is essentially given out to individuals who have taken multiple tutorials and passed a test.  Although this is a good way of cutting through the amatuers, it is not always a sure shot. 
When looking for a marketing professional it is important to ask them direct questions to test what they can do for your company.  Look for individuals who are coming up with multiple unique ideas on the fly.  Stay away from the individuals who are all sales pitch and no creativity.  In the world of marketing, creativity is the big difference maker.  Anyone can watch a tutorial and set up an Adwords account.  The creative experts are the ones who will be able to make your ads stand out and identify keyword strings that have little competition.

Aesthetic Marketing Solutions

Of the for Ps, packaging is often overlooked and the aesthetics of the marketing solution hurts the overall success of the campaign.  This is often seen in search marketing campaigns and their landing pages.  In an attempt to create several custom landing pages, the company cuts corners in the design and packaging of the page.

It is important to remember that all 4 Ps need to be working together.  You can have the best placement in the world and not be making optimal sales because your packaging is not congruent in regards to the marketing message. 

Take your time in creating aesthetic marketing solutions for every area of your campaign.  From the landing page to the email newsletter, each needs to be in line with the company image and message. 

Starbucks Marketing Strategy

The Starbucks marketing strategy is one of the most written up marketing strategies.  Their initial goal was expansion.  Once they came up with a forumla that worked in Seattle, they started to replicate it regionally.  After regional expansion, they focused on expanded their coffee stores nationally.  At this point, Starbucks had become "the brand name" for coffee. 

Once their national expansion had started to top out, Starbucks went global.  The rate of new store openings was the highest rate of any business in the world during this time period.  The biggest global expansion problem that they faced at the time was in China.  China's lack of copyright laws allowed local companies to essentially copy their brand and throw it up on their stores.  This lead to serious brand confusion especially in the high tourist zones within the country.  Tourists saw the logo and went in thinking it was a legit Starbucks.

Over the last two years, the founder took the reigns back and changes the Starbucks marketing strategy.  They closed over 10% of low performing stores and came up with low cost marketing methods to compete with McDonald's.

Marketing Online Questionnaire Formats

Creating a survey or questionnaire can be a great marekting technique that you can add to your marketing mix.  However, it needs to be done right.  Using the right marketing online questionnaire formats can determine the outcome of a survey campaign.  Here are a few of the basics to remember.

Ask 3-5 Questions
Every question that you ask over 5 decreases the conversion rate of survey completion by 10%.  Identify the five questions that are the highest priority, and elimate the rest.  If it turns out you absolutely need answers to 5+, then break it up into multiple surveys.

Choose Questions that Can be Used for Press Releases
Questionnaires and surveys can lead to loads of publicity for your company if you play it right.  First, you need to be able to have at least 100 people answer.  Second you need to choose questions that are hot in the news.  Right now, Facebook and Twitter make the headlines everyday.  Ask a thought provoking question about those topics and then create a press release with the stats obtained from the survye.