Friday, November 19, 2010

Companies Success and Online Marketing

Online marketing has the most metrics of any marketing medium.  This allows companies to see their success and monitor analytics real time.  Here are the key metrics companies succcess and online marketing.

Website Analytics
Today the best analytics software out there is actually free.  Google analytics has overtaken all of the paid companies as the best analytics program to use for a website.  The key metrics to look for are unique visitors, average page views per visit, and average time on site per visit. 

Social Media Analytics
Although social media analytics are not where they should be, it is still important to track the basics to know where your company stands.  The key metrics to track are Facebook fans, Facebook comments, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections.

Email Analytics
Email probably gives you the most comprehensive analytics of any medium that can be used to stregthen a marketing campaign.  The key metrics to track are open rate, click through rate, and forwards.


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