Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alpaca Marketing Tools

When operating an alpaca business there is certain marketing techniques that can be used. Now whatever alpaca marketing tools are used they should include search engine optimization. To accomplish this it is recommended to have a website structured for search engines such as google, bing, or Next, the URL should be a short one that somehow fits the word “alpaca” in it. In the same website make sure each one of the pages has a simple URL to be as clean as possible.  Blogs on the website will also add to your ranking on search engines. Especially if the blog posted is so informative or interesting the link gets passed around on twitter, forum posts, etc.

Press releases will also help establish the alpaca business being started. This can be done by submitting them to websites such as yahoo news,, and The websites that offer this can range from free to costing hundreds of dollars per release.

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