Monday, December 6, 2010

Assisted Living Marketing Consultant Hourly Rate

What you should look for in a Marketing Consultant is professionalism and a track record of excellence. The Marketing Consultant should be able to advise good strategies selling whatever product or service you provide. Understanding the consumer’s behavior is crucial in being successful as a marketing consultant. They must be able to target the correct audience, and have good social skills. Creativity is also required since the marketing business is all about new ideas. If a marketing company is specialized in one field such as internet marketing, brochures, or email marketing then keep in mind what your target audience primarily uses. If you are with assisted living you might want to stay more with print versus internet marketing.

The average rate is one hundred dollars to one hundred & fifty dollars per hour for an experienced professional Marketing Consultant. Of course the price varies with the kind marketing you receive. For example an assisted living Marketing Consultant hourly rate might be a little lower.

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