Friday, December 10, 2010

Avon Marketing Ideas

Avon is the company for women. At least that is what they like to say about their company. Avon Products is based in the United States and sells cosmetics, perfume, and other toys across the globe. Avon marketing ideas are very similar to one of their leading competitors Mary Kay. Both companies take advantage of the door to door sales people to market their brand. These people are appropriately called “Avon Ladies” except for the growing number of male door salesman.

The company Avon Products, Inc was actually started this way in 1886 when a 28 year old at the time David H. McConnell sold books door to door and gave perfume out to charm women to buy the books he was selling. Later he would switch over to selling perfumes exclusively. Over one hundred years has passed since then and the basic marketing concept is still working to this day.

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