Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Consumer Oriented Marketing Definition

In the past companies went under a product oriented marketing campaign. This was a naive approach to take when creating and marketing a product. There was no research done to find out what the consumer wanted, needed, or any other crucial information when seeking profit. So the consumer oriented marketing definition finally became the standard practice businesses used.

When implementing a consumer oriented marketing strategy it is always important to abide by these fundamentals:

Which market does the business do best with? Are the consumers around a certain age, culture, or class? This is something that can be done easily through surveys, or locations at certain areas products or services are being sold. How lucrative are those markets? In general the biggest markets are the most lucrative. Also what are some of the habits of those markets? For example knowing when the consumer needs to buy or use the service it can be profitable to know that information ahead of time.

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