Friday, December 31, 2010

General Electric Marketing Strategy For a New Product

General Electric also known as GE is involved with a lot of great electrical products. The General Electric marketing strategy for a new product includes but not limited to new home appliances, aviation, consumer electronics, gas, oil, software, water, and wind turbines.

This company currently uses the “Lateral or Conglomerate Strategy”. This means that GE markets their new products or services that offer no technological or commercial synergies with products already out, but might appeal to new types of customers. The conglomerate diversification part of this has a small association with the company’s existing business.   So basically the lateral diversification GE enters a new market with or without synergy with the present business. 

General Electric formed a marketing and sales council with Beth Comstock and Dave Nissen in charge. One of their achievements is vertical selling; this is the aligning their four industries which are crucial to GE: health care, energy, transportation and retail.

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