Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Google Adwords Channel Marketing

The Google AdWords channel marketing concept is one of the most widely used among the internet today. Also, Google AdWords is the company Google’s main source of revenue. In the year 2009 they made 23 billion dollars off of this service.

They offer pay per click (PPC) to market as well as site targeting advertisements for either text, banners, & other rich media ads. All the advertiser has to do to get quality traffic to their site is to pick the words that trigger the most amount of traffic associated with their business or product. Creating quality landing pages for these ads to link to will also affect the quality score the advertiser has. This effects the minimum bids purchased for paid for listings.

Advertisers have the option whether to market locally, nationally, or internationally. To narrow down targeted audiences is accomplished through IP (internet protocol) address exclusion. The text lines are most commonly short and any images used can be a number of different standard sizes.

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