Monday, December 13, 2010

Marketing Budget for Independent Record Label

Independent record labels are behind the eight ball from the beginning, but what they lack in funding they make up for in artistic direction. Independent music or “indie music” as it is often called is a label completely independent from any major commercial record label. This is a practice used by local artists and well known artists alike.

The marketing budget for independent record label topic can be much debated. Especially in this new age of the internet and illegal downloading it is hard to market without giving away the product for free. The fact is the internet has made independent music stronger than ever. This is because websites such as Pandora,, or even have brought unknown artists to millions of people everywhere at the touch of a button. Indie bands tend to also rely heavily on word of mouth so all the budget is in touring and other things are usually put to the back burner like high priced music videos or production cost.

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