Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3aw Radio Advertising Costs

The talk, news and information format provided by 3AW gives a wide array of advertising and marketing opportunities.  In using 3AW companies can create live commercials, recorded commercials, live crosses, outside broadcasts, community orientated sponsorships, on air sponsorships, on air promotions, and off air promotions.  Studies have shown that when picking a radio format to advertise with the most logical choice is talk radio.  The audience that listens to talk radio pays more attention than the audience that listens to music radio.  Talk radio keeps people entertained by talking to them and having them think about the topics at hand where as listeners of music radio often have the music playing in the background as a secondary device.
3aw radio advertising costs differ in price depending on many different factors.  The price can go up or down depending on, the length of the commercial, how many people are speaking in the commercial, how many times the commercial will be played per day, what time of day it’s played, and what station it is played on.  The more listeners that tune into the station you are advertising on, the more expensive it will be to advertise.  This website http://www.gaebler.com/Radio-Ad-Rates.htm is a convenient way to look up ad prices for many different radio stations.  Whereas this website http://www.strategicmediainc.com/radio-advertising-articles/radio_advertising_costs_how_much_should_i_budget.html will help give first time advertisers a little background into the does and don’ts of radio advertising.

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