Monday, January 10, 2011

Crystalens Radio Advertising

Crystalen’s is an intraocular lens replacement designed to work just as the normal eye lens.  The eye muscles will take to the Crystalen’s lens just like it would to the original natural lens of the eye.  This allows the muscles to manipulate the lens so that vision becomes like it was in youth.  No glasses or contacts should have to be used after the surgery and recovery is complete.  Long term effects are as of yet unknown.  The procedure has lasted 7 years and counting without vision becoming at all diminished.

Crystalens its self is a product of Bausch & Lomb whom allows companies to market through them. Optometrists will pick up the Crystalen product and market it along side there company in attempts to bring in clients.   There is a whole marketing campaign laid out by Bausch & Lomb for Crystalen that companies can use to help them promote located at   This includes TV, and crystalens radio advertising.

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  1. The main aim of both the conditions is to promote the product in the potential market.