Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ford Motor Company Marketing Segmentation Strategy

Ford is putting a new foot forward with their ford motor company marketing segmentation strategy.  Ford hired Jim Farley to take the reins of their marketing team.  To promote their new subcompact cars Ford gave out Fiestas.  The Fiestas went to people that would be able to record their adventures in the car.  Creating hands on appreciation for the car from the consumer point of view. 

Ford noticed that over 50% of people buying their f-10 trucks listened to country music.  With this knowledge they have befriended artists and created events to entertain their Ford owners.  In the works is a plan to help out with the recession.  Coming up with new payment plans and buying options.   Ford has always been known as a “gas guzzling” car/truck but it is in the works to “go greener”.  Ford has brought up the quality of their cars to be on par with their competition and from the looks of things they are not planning on going anywhere.