Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grape Nuts Advertising Tin

The original grape nuts advertising tin was made in 1897 by General Foods Post Cereal Company.  The tin had a picture on it that wrapped around it.  This picture was of a little girl walking beside a St. Bernard on her way to school.  The picture said “To school well fed on Grape-Nuts There’s a Reason”.  This tin is now kept as a collectors item.  This tin was a single sheet of stamped tin with a frame.   

Grape Nuts was used in the military as a part of the rations that soldiers were given.  The fact that the food was so small, lightweight and spoiled slowly made it a perfect treat for long trips or camping.  Despite the Grape-nuts brand name the cereal in itself contains neither grapes OR nuts.  The cereal would be cooked in an oven and come out on a baking sheet as one large rigid sheet of Grape-nuts.  At this point the sheet would be taken and place into a coffee grinder.  The grinder would chop it up into small pieces like you would find in a box of Grape-nuts today.