Friday, January 7, 2011

Is Advertising Liquor On Television And Radio Irresponsible

The US creates a large hype about products that are illegal for the youth of the nation.  Its drilled into American Citizens  that smoking can only be done after the age of 18, and drinking after the age of 21.  Television and radio up until 2001 would not advertise hard liquor in their programming.  But is advertising liquor on television and radio irresponsible?

21 is the legal age to drink.  21 is also the legal age to be able to buy drinks.  This 21 and up rule covers all the responsibility that needs to be shown.  If a company has a new product they should be able to advertise it to increase their sales.  To show responsibility through their advertisements the liquor companies should be careful as to not target people under the legal drinking age.  But even still, if a child can watch 30 beer commercials during the super bowl, why can’t they watch a liquor commercial right after it.


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