Monday, January 3, 2011

Marketing Strategies For Sports Ba

Sports bars will have alcohol, they will have sports and for them to stay open they will also need to have patrons.  The looks and style of sports bars can change drastically from location to location.   There are some sports bars that have more of a tavern feel to them while others could seem to be more of a nightclub.   Whatever look the bar is going with it will always use marketing strategies for sports ba.

The style of a bar comes from all the little things; the outer look of the location, the interior design (lighting, furniture, style of the bar itself) all the way down to the glassware being used.  A great way to get people into bars is by doing “specials”.  When big games are on or special events are being held bars will often put on specials for certain drinks to bring people into their establishment.  Other ways of gaining or keeping a flow of patrons would be to have specialty mugs or glasses that when brought back to the bar will give that person a discount.  The one tried and true way to market a sports bar is word of mouth.  Big bars wanting to put out big business use promoters to help market their location and bring in customers.


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