Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marketing Strategy To Charge For Free Services

Shareware and trialware

These products were made free of charge and for awhile they were completely free.  No charges no hidden fees no limited usage.  The products have not changed but the way they are delivered has.  Programs that are trialware or shareware are now held to limited use.  Sure you can use the program for the time being but within a certain allotment of time the program will no longer be usable and the customer is asked to purchase the very same product they were just able to use for free.  Antivirus software on the computer is the same way.  Sure we have this limited version for you, but to completely keep your computer secure, you are going to want to buy the full version.

Giving people a taste of what they are looking for and then having them have to pay for it is a marketing strategy to charge for free services.