Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Srijan Advertising

In February 2006, Srijan  took a pledge To reach and reduce poverty among one hundred thousand rural poor families by 2011.  SRIJAN is founded as a professional organization for the following, Undertake grassroots action projects, build capacity of Government and NGOs in rural development programs, provide policy and project design support to donor agencies and recipient Governments, conduct research for advocacy for pro-poor policies

srijan advertising is at work in twelve districts with 30,000 rural poor. Six of these districts are in Madhya Pradesh, three in Karnataka and three in Rajasthan. The company chooses to work with the socio-economically disadvantaged, particularly women, dalits and tribal people. Locations of work though determined by thematic priorities fall in resource poor as well as hierarchical societies where the poor have no access to property or entitlements. Areas the company works in include water stress areas of south Karnataka, central Rajasthan, and Malwa in Madhya Pradesh, and Bundelkhand and tribal parts of Madhya Pradesh.


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